About Selk

The intention of all that I do is to help others find a deeper sense of embodiment, presence and joy within themselves.

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Selk's massage and deep bodywork focus on guiding you to discover your inner peace and physical vitality. Selk works deeply in the muscles and extremely sensitively at the same time. Her 14 years experience in meditation and embodiment practices in dance and yoga, combine to make her massages both a deeply delicious experience as well as deeply transformative. In 2015 Selk created a beautiful holistic studio in South Fremantle where she brings together her current passions of massage and deep bodywork.
Selk has experimented with many forms of movement flow, from dance to Chi Gong and ultimately massage. An arts degree from Murdoch University and a foray into conservation campaigning, brought her to finally study massage and deep bodywork in the UK. Certified in the Esalen™ method, Selk has been inspired by Somatic Experiencing and 5 Rhythms Movement.
Selk is now based in South Fremantle, Western Australia, where she offers her passions for massage and deep bodywork from a beautiful beachside holistic centre.
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Selk’s Services

Deep Bodywork Guidance

The body has an intelligence that gives us insightful guidance if we just listen closely.

Selk is available for guidance sessions to help you discover inner peace. The body contains an intelligence which is beyond the mind, and is a gateway to clarity and wholeness. Each session contains some verbal sharing and Esalen Massage. Selk is certified in the Esalen Method.


Massage done with presence-based touch is a gateway to joy, vitality and unimagined wonders.

Therapeutic Full Body Massage
Deep Tissue Full Body Massage
Relaxation Full Body Massage

Gift Vouchers

The gifts of inner peace and presence in the here and now, are to me the truest and most beautiful gifts of life.

Selk offers her luxurious full body massages as a gift for your beloved. They will delight in following a trail of flowers, followed by a deep full body massage with essential oils, ending in peaceful reflection with a medicinal ayurvedic tea.

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