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Fremantle Massage
By selkhastings / January 5, 2017

Awareness and Ego Cannot Co-exist

How to be the creator of your own life story.

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By selkhastings / June 10, 2016

A Walk in the Forest – Rapture on the Path of Love

A WALK IN THE FOREST - RAPTURE ON THE PATH OF LOVE by Selk Hastings Photography by Selk Hastings Six...

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By selkhastings / June 1, 2016

Finding Peace in the Storm of Stress

Life is a dance. There is always a shifting and a flowing happening. Our strong human quality of wanting to control what is arising leads us to an experience of contraction, an almighty tightness, a desperate grasping. To notice this tightening takes a moment of awakeness.. pure grace. So don't beat yourself up if you are not having a wonderful ride of late.

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By selkhastings / May 18, 2016

The Heart Breaks Us Open

Our hearts are precious. Recently I’ve been thinking (and experiencing) about how the heart transforms everything that arises. I can look at moments of suffering in my life as though they were negative, isolated experiences that weren’t ‘right’. Or I can see more deeply, that pain and suffering is part of the alchemising and transformational work of love

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