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Awareness and Ego Cannot Co-exist

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Awareness and Ego Cannot Co-exist

What are you noticing about yourself? Are you fearful, worried, resentful, vengeful, victim? All these patterns are a great gift when we can see they are not the full picture. There is something bigger which is aware of these patterns. How about telling a new story?

So excited to share new stories with you, my brothers and sisters. Lets share new stories which tell of our vastness, our expansiveness, our unconditional lovingness… the great truth of who we are, That in which all these small, dead-end patterns are occuring in. Not to minimize or diminish our experiences, but just to simply become aware that they are not the whole story, but are indeed a big, living, breathing story that has had us caught up in it’s fairytale spell for too long. Let’s have conversations that help each other bring these spells out into full awareness, and sit, watch, breath together while we watch them turn into air.

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