Finding Peace in the Storm of Stress

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Finding Peace in the Storm of Stress

by Selk Hastings

Photography by Gregory Colbert

Life is a dance. There is always a shifting and a flowing happening. Our strong human quality of wanting to control what is arising leads us to an experience of contraction and stress, a sense of grasping. To notice this contraction takes a moment of awakeness.. pure grace. So don’t beat yourself up if you are not having a wonderful ride of late. Be gentle on you. Knowing all of the spiritual stuff isn’t meant to make you harder on yourself. You aren’t supposed to know about the Law of Attraction for instance, and then condemn yourself for not attracting what you want, for not doing it right.

Beyond knowledge, beyond progress, beyond attaining, is a beautiful thing called surrender. It is acknowledging that there are infinite, universal forces running this show. That the driver’s seat is occupied by a divine taxi driver called Life who’s not afraid that there really aren’t any roads or any destinations. And she’s taking you, literally, on the ride of your life. Hands off, and ditch the seatbelt. You are safe.

That doesn’t mean we are not challenged, that we don’t feel the burning up of the fires that cross our paths. It just means that we can take a breath, or many breaths throughout the challenges. We can have a break from the ridiculously laughable illusion of control. We might start to notice the space around the issues we were so obsessed with fixing or changing. And right there, that space, that’s Grace or Life, that’s actually the big you. It’s our identifying mechanisms of the mind that give us a sense of being small and separate. We can’t grasp just how huge we are. Unthinkable. Our hugeness is literally too immense, spacious, mysterious for our minds to grasp.

So you can rest, assured that somewhere, in our biggest place, things are being taken care of, shifting and playing, dissolving and forming, in mysterious ways. You can let go of the steering wheel and rest a little, take some deep breaths and let life to take you on the ride.

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