Yesterday I went floating on lilac clouds, bathed in radiating bliss... Thank you Selk Hastings for the most incredible massage! I'm so glad you have brought Esalen Bodywork to Perth. - Emma Jack


Hi all, if you live in Perth or plan to visit Perth, then I very much recommend contacting Selk Hastings for an Esalen bodywork session. I had one yesterday and it was excellent. Selk combines professionalism with a personal presence that makes you and your body feel nurtured and nourished. Also, her body work techniques consist of a lovely combination of gentle soothing touch and sensitive deep tissue work. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. - Brian Spittles


I just received an amazing massage from you Selk Hastings... so loving, so present; you have such a gift.. what a blessing.... thank you!!! - Marina Van Mens.


I received a remarkable Esalen massage today from Selk Hastings. Felt like presence was flowing from Source through her hands. Highly recommended. - Roberto Freo


I had a beautiful Esalen massage from Selk Hastings. Truly the embodiment of flow, nurture, gentle, strong. I felt completely melted as she melted in her massage. It was a deep and utterly nourishing experience that truly helped me to relax, open and receive. The space she created was wonderfully divine and caring. I highly recommend her! - Kitsiri DeSilva


I experienced my first Esalen massage with Selk Hastings. The technique is named for the Native American Esselen tribe and encompasses bodywork from a range of cultures, combined with the Sensory Awareness work of Charlotte Selver. Selk trained at Findhorn in Scotland with teachers from the Esalen Institute in California and we are lucky that she is now offering this wonderful experience here in WA. Although I knew there was important deep tissue work being done, I felt like I was in complete luxury (even feeling a little guilty at times at just how much I was luxuriating in this massage)! The best way I can think to describe it is that it felt ceremonial. Just wanted to say thank you, Selk. I woke up today feeling well rested and, given how deeply we went, surprisingly pain free. And to friends and other folk, I cannot recommend Selk highly enough. - Aminah Hughes


This week I have had my first Esalen massage. The experience was most amazing & nothing short of divine! So much gratitude to Selk Hastings for sharing her gift and creating the safest space to really let go and sink into bliss. Just wow. I cannot recommend Selk as a therapist highly enough. - Tjulyata Courtley


Feeling special, after an Esalen massage with Selk Hastings. Such incredible and beautifully loving touch. Was a wonderful way for me to say thank you to my body for everything it has ever had to do. Enriching to my heart, I am left feeling very relaxed, reenergised and reconnected with life. Thank you Selk. - Ian Brown


I just had a wonderful Esalen massage from Selk. The massage had long, deep, slow strokes from top to toe. All held by Selk, connecting deeply in loving presence. Time seemed to stand still and my body felt very relaxed and integrated. I could feel my body smiling and saying "thank you" at the end. Thank you Selk. - Vinito Vini

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